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Municipal Tax Title & Municipal Finance Law Services


Matt Thomas has provided Municipal Tax Title Services to municipalities across Massachusetts since 1994. At the present time, Matt is providing Municipal Tax Title Services to the City of Fall River.  During the past ten years, Matt has developed and assisted the City of Fall River Financial Services Departments in implementing the Tax Title Collection Initiative (the “Tax Title Initiative”). During this period of time the City of Fall River has collected over $20 Million of past due real estate taxes and over $ 6 Million of accrued Treasurer’s Interest.

Since its implementation the Tax Title Initiative has:

  1. Implemented an aggressive yet equitable Tax Taking Schedule;
  2. Implemented guidelines for equitable and effective enforcement of the provisions of Fall River Code of Ordinances Section 14-4;
  3. Developed collection letters to be sent to taxpayers;
  4. Developed new Installment Agreement process;
  5. Instituted new In-Service Training Program;
  6. Implemented new Tax Title collection practices including increased contact with mortgage holders;
  7. Implemented new processes for filing and prosecuting Land Court Tax Lien Cases;
  8. Implemented new processes for sale of Tax Possessions;
  9. Implemented new monthly Tax Title reporting and development and monitoring of annual collection goals;
  10. Adopted and Implemented Affidavits of Address to ensure accurate billing addresses for taxpayers;
  11. Implemented Demand Billing on Water & Sewer Accounts which increased Water & Sewer Collections by $800,000.00 in the first year of the program alone.

Matt is also providing legal services to the Boards of Assessors of the City of Fall River, the Town of Berlin, the Town of Carver, the Town of Dover, the Town of Gill, the Town of Marion, the Town of Mattapoisett, the Town of Middleborough, the Town of Montague, the Town of Plympton, the Town of Swansea, and the Town of Weymouth, including representation at the Massachusetts Appeals Court, Massachusetts Appellate Tax Board, and consultation on general assessing matters.

Matt is a member of the Massachusetts Municipal Lawyers Association and the Massachusetts Association of Assessing Officers.