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Matt Presents at Bristol County Assessors Association 2022 Annual Meeting


On Thursday, December 1, 2022, Matt presented the 2022 Version of “A Holiday Bagful of Goodies – A Year End Topical Review” to members of the Bristol County Assessors Association at their Annual Meeting held Whites of Westport. During the presentation, Matt discussed the DOR Local Finance Opinion that clarified and explained the process to determine whether real estate owned in trust is subject to a personal exemption. Matt also reviewed the changes to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 61A regarding “Dual Use” Solar Facilities located on agricultural property, and the recent changes to deadlines for filing annual applications pursuant Massachusetts General Laws Chapters 61, 61A, & 61B. Finally, Matt provided an update on the ongoing Eversource ATB Matters and Eversource’s ongoing challenges regarding the assessment of its Class 504 personal property.

Matt would like to thank all of the attendees for their hospitality. Special thanks as well to Outgoing BCAA President Lydia Cordeiro, the BCAA Officers, and the BCAA Executive Board.

For a copy of “A Holiday Bagful of Goodies – A Year End Topical Review” please visit the “Resources” section of our website or at the following link:  The Holiday Bagful of Goodies – 2022 221201